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Events & Fishing Trips

London & St. Mary's, Ontario
6th Annual Angling Sports Tournament Series

Points awarded for each tournament; the top point winner at year's end will be awarded Angling Sports Angler of the Year plus $1000 Gift Card.
Also, spend $100 on Shimano product at the store before each tournament and be eligible for fabulous Shimano contingency prizes!

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Maitland River, Rondeau Bay, Lake St Clair or Long Point
Guided Fishing Trips - One Day Local

The trips include: Full day of expert guided steelhead on the fly, float fishing or bass boat fishing (min. 7 hours fishing time), flies or bait, liability insurance, transportation to and from the Maitland River, Rondeau Bay or Lake St. Clair (leaving our shop at 6:00 am).

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Other Recommended Guides

A Perfect Drift
(Upper Grand, Credit & Nottawasaga)

Fly Water Guiding

681 Highbury Ave. N, London

Angling Sport is pleased to provide free fly casting, and fly tying lessons, hosted by our manager Dave Harris. His informative and entertaining format is sure to please anyone that is interested in learning to fly fish.

Free Fly Casting Lessons

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Fly Tying Lessons

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