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What are Trolling Spoons?

Trolling spoons are a type of fishing lure, specifically designed for the trolling method of fishing, where a boat draws the lure through the water to attract and catch fish. Made from thin, lightweight metal, these spoons imitate the motion and appearance of small baitfish, a favourite meal for many larger fish species. They often have a shiny, reflective surface and are available in various colours and sizes to appeal to different fish and suit different water conditions.

When Should You Use Trolling Spoons?

Trolling in Both Fresh and Saltwater:

  • Trolling spoons are versatile lures effective in both freshwater and saltwater environments. Use them for targeting a wide variety of fish species in lakes and oceans.

Targeting Predatory Fish:

  • Employ trolling spoons when targeting predatory fish such as salmon, trout, walleye, and mackerel, which are attracted to the flashing and wobbling action of the spoon as it moves through the water.

Fishing in Clear Water:

  • Trolling spoons work best in clear water conditions where fish can easily spot the lure's reflection and vibrant colours from a distance.

Deep Water Fishing:

  • When aiming to catch fish that inhabit deeper water layers, use trolling spoons. Their design allows them to move effectively even in deeper water, attracting fish to bite.

When a Variety of Bait Isn't Available:

  • In situations where live or various bait types are not available, trolling spoons serve as an excellent alternative, effectively attracting various fish species.

Why Use Trolling Spoons?

Mimicry of Baitfish:

  • Trolling spoons effectively mimic the movement and appearance of small baitfish, a significant attractor for many larger predatory fish.


  • Suitable for both freshwater and saltwater fishing, trolling spoons offer versatility and can be used to target a wide range of fish species.

Effectiveness in Deeper Waters:

  • The design and movement of trolling spoons make them effective lures for attracting fish in deeper waters.

Variety of Options:

  • Available in various sizes, colours, and styles, trolling spoons allow anglers to choose the perfect lure for their specific fishing conditions and target species.

Are Trolling Spoons Right for You?

Whether trolling spoons are the right option depends on various factors, including the fish species you're targeting, the water conditions you'll be fishing in, and your preferences as an angler. Trolling spoons can be a practical choice if you enjoy trolling for fish and target species such as salmon, trout, or pike. They are handy when fish feed on or near the water's surface or in deeper water where other lures may not be effective.

Shop Trolling Spoons at Angling Sports

In essence, trolling spoons are an invaluable addition to any angler's tackle box, especially those who frequently engage in trolling. Their ability to mimic baitfish, versatility across water types, and effectiveness in deeper waters make them a reliable choice for catching a wide array of fish species. Angling Sports only carries reputable and effective trolling spoons ready to enhance your troll fishing trips. Shop our selection of trolling spoons today to find the right option for your next outing.