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What are Snubbers & Releases?

Snubbers and releases are essential trolling accessories designed to enhance your fishing experience. A snubber is a short, stretchable cord that absorbs the shock from aggressive fish strikes, protecting your fishing gear from damage. It also provides consistent tension, helping to prevent the fish from shaking the hook loose. A release, on the other hand, is a device used to hold the fishing line, releasing it when a fish strikes, enabling efficient and effective trolling with multiple lines.

When Should You Use Snubbers?

Trolling for Large, Aggressive Fish:

  • Use snubbers when targeting large, powerful fish. The snubber will absorb the initial strike force, reducing the risk of line breakage or gear damage.

Fishing in Rough Water Conditions:

  • Employ snubbers in choppy water conditions. They can help maintain consistent line tension, increasing the chances of hooking and landing a fish despite the boat's movement.

When Should You Use Releases?

Use releases when trolling with downriggers or planer boards. The release will hold your line at a specific depth, automatically releasing it when a fish strikes, allowing you to fight the fish with the rod and reel directly. Planer Board Releases and Downrigger Releases are different pieces of equipment used in trolling to help manage your fishing lines and control their depth and position in the water. Below is an explanation of each and the differences between them:

Planer Board Releases:


  • Used to attach fishing lines to planer boards, which are used to spread out your lines horizontally from the boat, allowing you to cover a wider area and avoid tangling of multiple lines.


  • The line is placed in the release, which is then clipped to a planer board. The board pulls the line sideways away from the boat, and the release lets go of the line when a fish strikes.


  • Ideal for shallow waters and targeting fish that are spread out horizontally. Also used in situations where you want to keep your lines away from the boat's wake.

Downrigger Releases:


  • Used with downriggers to lower your fishing line to a specific depth in the water column.


  • The line is placed in the release, which is attached to a downrigger weight. The weight is lowered to the desired depth, and the release lets go of the line when a fish strikes.


  • Ideal for deep-water fishing, allowing you to present your bait at different depths to target fish that are located deeper in the water column.

Key Differences:


  • Planer Board Releases are used for spreading lines horizontally (side-to-side), while Downrigger Releases are used for controlling depth vertically (up-and-down).


  • Used with different equipment – planer boards versus downriggers.

Targeted Water Depth:

  • Planer Board Releases are generally used for shallower waters, while Downrigger Releases are used for deeper waters.

Release Mechanism:

  • Both have mechanisms to release the line when a fish is caught, but they function in different ways and contexts.

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Snubbers and releases play crucial roles in enhancing your trolling fishing experience. The shock absorption capability of snubbers protects your gear and improves hook setting, while releases contribute to efficient line and depth management, especially when using downriggers or multiple lines with planer boards. Ensure you are properly equipped to optimize your trolling trips and increase your chances of a successful catch with snubbers and releases from Angling Sports.