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Who is Shimano?

Shimano has built a reputation in the fishing world in addition to its line of cycling components. While Angling Sports focuses on fishing, Shimano’s reputation for dependability in both industries results from the company’s focus on efficient design, lightweight materials, and rigorous quality testing. The company has applied its engineering and manufacturing expertise to angling equipment by producing a line of high-quality reels and rods designed to meet any angler's needs.

Is Shimano Right for You?

Shimano is best known for its baitcaster reels and spinning reels designed to minimize friction, improve control, and ultimately enhance your skills as an angler. The company’s experience in the bicycle industry gave them a strong understanding of mechanical engineering and manufacturing, which now benefits anglers of all experience levels.

Shimano’s top-quality angling equipment may be more expensive than budget-friendly options. If you’re just starting, entry-level options may be better to help you get on the water for your first trip. However, Shimina’s products are an excellent choice for future or current upgrades to improve your angling skills.

Shop Angling Sports Selection of Shimano Products

Angling Sports offers a range of Shimano reels and rods. The Shimano Vanford is the result of over a decade of engineering and optimization. The Vanford incorporates a MagnumLite Rotor to provide 48% less rotational iteration than traditional construction, which can make all the difference when response times are vital. In addition, the Shimano Stradic spinning reel provides a versatile and reliable reel ready to take on a range of scenarios.

Browse our line of Shimano gear today to find the perfect reel or rod to enhance your angling experience.