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What are Body Baits?

Body baits are a type of fishing lure that is designed to mimic the appearance and movement of a live fish to attract predatory fish. These lures are also known as "plugs" and are used for trolling in both freshwater and saltwater fishing.

Types of Body Baits:

Diving Plugs:

  • Equipped with a lip that allows them to dive underwater when towed.
  • The depth and action are determined by the size and angle of the lip.

Minnow Plugs:

  • Designed to imitate small baitfish.
  • Ideal for attracting fish species that primarily feed on smaller fish.

Jointed Plugs:

  • Feature multiple body segments to create a more lifelike swimming action.
  • They move more erratically, simulating injured fish.

How Body Baits Work When Trolling:

Towing Behind a Boat:

  • Body baits are attached to a fishing line and towed behind a moving boat.
  • The movement of the boat relays action to the lure, making it move through the water in a way that simulates a live fish.

Depth Control:

  • Body baits can be designed to operate at specific depths.
  • Some body baits dive deeper due to their lip design, while others are made to remain near the surface.
  • It's important to choose a body bait that works at the depth where the target fish are located.


  • The speed of the boat controls the action of the body bait.
  • Different speeds can make the body bait move more or less aggressively, attracting different types of fish.

Tips for Using Body Baits in Trolling:

Choose the Right Body Bait:

  • Select a body bait that closely mimics the local baitfish in size, shape, and colour.

Adjust the Trolling Speed:

  • Experiment with different trolling speeds to find what works best for the fish you are targeting.

Use a Depth Finder:

  • Employ a depth finder to determine where the fish are located and adjust your body bait type and trolling depth accordingly.

Shop Angling Sports Assortment of Body Baits

When using body baits for trolling, it's all about simulating the natural prey of the fish you are targeting as closely as possible, and making sure your lure is at the right depth and moving at the right speed to entice a bite. Stock up on Body Baits at Angling Sports from top brands like Rapala, and Freedom Tackle for your next freshwater or saltwater trolling trip.