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How To Fish Largemouth Bass

You can catch Largemouth Bass with many different lures. Casting shallow running Rapalas and Thundersticks over top of thick weeds that have not reached the surface is an excellent way to bring out bass from hiding.

One effective way to catch Largemouth Bass is with a floating jig and a leech with no weight. Just cast out to the edge of the Bulrushes or Lily Pads and just leave the float there. The leech should be squirming around and that will attract a bass.

You can also use a float, hook, sinker and a minnow. Not only is this a relaxing way to fish for Largemouth; it is extremely effective, especially for the big trophies. Just note that a big Largemouth Bass may look at the minnow for many many minutes before taking it!

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