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What is Simms Fishing?

Simms is among the best-known manufacturers of quality waders, outerwear, and apparel designed specifically for the needs of anglers. The company prioritizes innovative design and the latest materials to keep fishers dry in any situation. In addition, the company’s strict testing processes make sure its products are ready for any scenario, keeping them from having to end a fishing trip early.

Is Simms Fishing Gear Right for You?

All types of anglers have made Simms their go-to option for rain gear, waders, and protective boots to stay dry. Simms wading boots are renowned for protecting anglers’ feet as they seek their next catch, while Simms rain gear keeps fishermen prepared for inclement weather. In addition, Simms G3 waders have become a standard option for fly fishers who depend on them with every outing.

Anglers need protection from water, rain, and cold temperatures. Not having the right gear when a storm approaches or temperatures drop will likely end the trip. Preparing with quality apparel from Simms helps keep you on the water rather than heading home.

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We carry a wide selection of industry-recognized Simms apparel and equipment. Simms helps keep you dry, whether you’re planning on wading into a river or want to be ready for rain. We offer some of the most well-respected Simms gear, so you’re always ready for any situation you may encounter during your trip. Browse Angling Sports' selection of Simms products today to find your next dependable protective gear.