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Here at Angling Sports we're dedicated to enhancing your fishing experience by providing a comprehensive suite of services tailored for the passionate angler. Our offerings include marine electronics installation to ensure you're equipped with the latest in fish-finding technology, rod repair services to keep your gear in prime condition, and line spooling services for optimal performance on the water. Whether you're preparing for your next big catch or maintaining your equipment for seasons to come, we're here to support every step of your angling journey.

Marine Electronics Installation

Electronics are professionally installed by a National Marine Electronics Association Certified Technician with a mechanical background of 10 years specializing in electrical disgnostics and programming. Certified to install all brands of electronics.

We work closely with our customers every step of the way providing custom solutions for your marine electronics needs from harnesses, graph and trolling motor installation to full LED lighting systems.

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Rod Repair Services

Fishing is all about feel and intuition – and that means you’ll want to keep using the equipment you’ve grown accustomed to. We all have our favourite piece of tackle, the tried and trusted equipment that we’ve cast into countless waters with great success. Which is why it’s always particularly despairing when that rod breaks or simply wears down. But, don’t cast it to one side just yet.

We can repair simple top guide breaks but are happy to assist you with any supplier-warranty damages that may happen while fighting that big catch. We’ll make sure your most prized equipment is in perfect working order, letting you focus on the fishing without having to worry about adjusting to the unfamiliar feel of new equipment.

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Line Spooling Services

Improve line longevity, casting distance and reduce tangles.

There’s nothing more frustrating than having the perfect catch in your sights, the right bait and the right moment, and having your line tangle up, or even worse — fall just short!

That’s why it pays to have your line spooled by professionals, this will improve the longevity, reduce tangles, and can even improve your casting distance.

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