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What Are Musky Lures?

Musky lures are fishing lures specifically designed to attract and catch musky, a popular freshwater game fish species. These specialized lures come in various shapes, sizes, and colours that are designed to mimic the movements and appearance of the musky fish prey on.

The bucktail lure is one of the most common types of musky lures. Bucktails are lures that consist of a hair skirt, usually made from deer, moose, or horsehair, and a metal blade or spinner that creates vibration and flash in the water.

Another popular type of musky lure is the crankbait. Crankbaits are lures that resemble small fish and typically have a diving lip or bill that allows them to dive to different depths.

Topwater lures are also often preferred by anglers. These lures are designed to float on the water's surface and create a disturbance when retrieved that can attract musky to the lure.

Do You Need Musky Lures?

Musky lures are designed to be highly attractive to musky. Choosing the right musky lure for the fishing conditions can be vital to having a successful fishing trip.

In addition to the above popular options, some anglers prefer other musky lures such as jerk baits, swimbaits, and spinnerbaits. The choice of musky lure depends on various factors, including the area, the fishing conditions during the trip, and the overall behaviour of the musky in the area.

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