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Supplying Anglers For Over 30 Years
  • Supplying Anglers For Over 30 Years

  • Angling Sports is based in London, Ontario and serves customers throughout Canada, and the Northern United States.

Our passion goes into the service we provide.

We aren’t just a premier destination for a wide range of products and brands — we’re people with a true passion for fishing. We want to share our hobby with the world, to help experienced anglers and newcomers looking to start their fishing journey. That means we give every customer the same knowledgeable guidance, and the benefit of our unbeatable industry knowledge and experience.

Fishing is an old passion.

Fishing is an old passion.

We’re excited about where fishing can go...

We’re excited about where fishing can go...


"One of the best fishing and tackle stores I've ever visited."

Great service, good selection and excellent prices. Angling sports also has you covered for your live bait needs. If you are a fisherperson and you happen to be in London, be sure to stop over and take a peek.

"Always a great selection of fishing needs, whether it be terminal tackle, line, rods, or reels."

I always enjoy coming in to check things out even if I'm not currently buying anything I make mental notes of things I will. They have so much in stock it would take quite a while to look through everything. Great store.

"Best place in London to buy fishing tackle, gear, or bait."

Staff are very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. Most of them fish so can give you insight into good lures, colors etc.
I've found the prices to be very close even to Amazon and have heard they'll price match some other retailers.

"Amazing selection of everything you could need to go fishing."

If you are someone that makes their own lures, they have an incredible selection of feathers, hooks, animals furs in all colours and and and. Worth taking a look, there's even peacock feathers. From kids to adults you can equipt yourself for days on the water.

"Always getting my fishing gear here."

They hooked my daughter up with her first rod an tackel box and were really nice to kids. I will be back for sure again!

"Soon as fishing season nears this is the first place I go every year!"

Fantastic lure selection, there's been a few spoons I've been looking everywhere for and they always have them all!

Community Driven

Angling Sports is proud to be a longstanding, active member in our local community.