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What are Trolling Reels?

Trolling reels are specialized fishing reels engineered for the demands of trolling, a type of fishing which involves baited fishing lines being dragged through the water behind a moving boat. Designed to manage heavy lines, substantial fish, and extended fishing periods, these reels are crucial for both freshwater or deep-sea fishing. Trolling reels are characterized by their robust construction, generous line capacity, and advanced features such as line counters and built-in alarms, which aid anglers in efficiently handling multiple lines at diverse depths.

When Should You Use Trolling Reels?

Fresh Water and Deep Sea Fishing:

  • Consider a quality trolling reel when planning a fishing trip for the ocean or freshwater bodies of water like the Great Lakes. These reels are crafted to handle the unique challenges and larger fish species commonly found in these vast water bodies.

Pursuing Big Game Fish:

  • Utilize trolling reels when aiming for big game fish. These reels are designed to withstand the substantial force exerted by large fish, providing the necessary support and control. Whether it's marlin or tuna in the sea, or musky in the great lakes, specialized reels are required when trolling.

Handling Heavy Lures:

  • When employing hefty lures, trolling reels are the ideal choice for managing the additional weight and maintaining balance.

Efficient Multi-Line Trolling:

  • Trolling reels, especially those with line counters, are perfect for effectively managing multiple lines, ensuring each line is at the correct depth for optimal fishing.

Extended Fishing Expeditions:

  • For lengthy fishing excursions, rely on trolling reels for their endurance and consistent performance throughout your trip.

Why Use Trolling Reels?

Unmatched Durability and Strength:

  • Built for resilience, trolling reels can seamlessly withstand the demands of large fish and heavy lines, ensuring a successful fishing expedition.

Advanced Line Management:

  • With features like line counters and alarms, trolling reels offer superior line management, ensuring precision and efficiency even with multiple lines in action.

Compatibility with Trolling Gear:

  • Perfectly paired with trolling rods, these reels ensure a harmonious and effective trolling setup for optimal performance.

Shop Angling Sports for Trolling Reels

Trolling reels are essential for maximizing the success of your trolling trips out on the Great Lakes, or fishing in the ocean. Their robust design, advanced features, and compatibility with trolling rods make them a must-have for anglers. Ensure your setup includes a high-quality trolling reel from Angling Sports. Choose from our selection of Daiwa Trolling Reels, Okuma Trolling Reels, PENN Trolling Reels, Shimano Trolling Reels, Streamside Trolling Reels and other great brands!