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What Are Centerpin Reels?

Centerpin reels, also known as centerpin or float reels, are fishing reels designed for float fishing in rivers or streams. They are often used by anglers targeting steelhead, salmon, trout, and other species that require precision.

These specialized reels are characterized by their cylindrical shape and free-spinning spool. Unlike other fishing reels that rely on a drag system, centerpin reels rely on the angler's ability to control the line by controlling the rotation of the spool with their fingers. This ability allows for precise and delicate presentations of the bait or lure and makes it easier to detect subtle bites and strikes.

Centerpin reels are often used with long, lightweight rods that allow for longer casts and better control over the presentation of the bait or lure.

Are Centerpin Reels Right for You?

This reel type is specifically designed to give the angler precise control over the line and the bait or lure presentation, making them an excellent choice for float fishing in rivers or streams.

Centerpin reels are often used in fast-moving rivers or streams, where the current can quickly move the bait or lure downstream. The free-spinning spool allows the angler to keep the bait or lure in the water longer, allowing for a more natural drift and a better chance of enticing a strike.

They are generally used by experienced anglers who need the purpose-built design rather than beginners who may want a more general-purpose reel.

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