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What are Downriggers?

Downriggers are specialized fishing equipment used to precisely control the depth of lures while trolling. They consist of a reel and a cable attached to a weight. The fishing line is clipped to the cable, allowing the bait to be set at a specific depth. When a fish bites, the line is released from the clip, allowing the angler to reel in the fish independently of the downrigger setup.

When Should You Use Downriggers?

Deep Water Trolling:

  • Use downriggers when fishing in deep waters where fish are located far below the surface. Effective for targeting specific depths found on a fish finder.

Targeting Certain Species:

  • Ideal for targeting species that dwell in deeper water, such as salmon, lake trout, and other big game fish.

Precise Depth Control:

  • Utilize downriggers when you need to present your bait at a particular depth accurately, beyond the reach of traditional diving devices.

Efficient Trolling:

  • Opt for downriggers when trolling with multiple lines, as they help in avoiding line tangling, enabling an organized and efficient fishing setup.

Difference Between Electric and Manual Downriggers

Electric downriggers provide a convenient and less labour-intensive fishing experience. They are automated, reducing the physical effort required to lower and raise weights. Additionally, they offer faster weight retrieval and more advanced depth control and monitoring features. However, these benefits come at a cost, as electric downriggers are generally more expensive and complex. They also rely on a power source, which can be a limitation if the boat’s battery fails.

On the other hand, manual downriggers are more accessible and affordable, making them a practical choice for occasional or amateur anglers. Their simpler design, with fewer moving parts, often translates to greater reliability and longevity. Despite these advantages, manual downriggers require more physical effort to operate, and they generally offer fewer advanced features. Weight retrieval is typically slower, and users may not have the same level of depth precision as with electric models.

The choice between electric and manual downriggers depends on various factors including budget, physical capability, and the need for advanced features. Electric models offer convenience and advanced technology, while manual models stand out for their reliability and simplicity.

Shop Electric & Manual Downriggers at Angling Sports

Downriggers are essential tools for serious anglers aiming to catch fish in deeper water. They provide the accuracy, efficiency, and versatility needed for successful deep-water trolling, making them a worthwhile investment for fishing experiences. Shop our extensive range of electric and manual downriggers today and ensure your trolling adventures are nothing short of exceptional. Get in touch with one of our experts today to determine which downrigger is suitable for your setup.