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About Daiwa

Daiwa is well-known for its line of premiere reels, rods, fishing lines, and accessories. Their reels include dependable spinning reels, baitcaster reels, and trolling reels. The company manufactures specialized rods to accommodate a variety of angling needs. Daiwa Canada has a longtime reputation for excellence among anglers for its dependability and quality products.

The company also produces specialized fishing tools, such as ring pliers and grip pliers, to give anglers the right tools for the job. In addition, Daiwa’s tactical backpack and bait binders help keep anglers organized with tested, water-ready, and durable gear.

Are Daiwa Fishing Rods, Reels and Tackle Right for You?

Daiwa’s high-end fishing reels and rods are the perfect choice for anglers looking to enhance their skills by upgrading their equipment. The company’s products are often priced higher than other alternatives, but they provide tremendous value due to Daiwa’s focus on engineering and manufacturing.

The company’s other products, such as tools, lines and accessories, are well-suited for anglers of all experience levels and budgets. Adding specialized angling tools to your gearbox keeps you prepared for any issues you may encounter during your trip. Daiwa’s fishing lines also provide the versatility and strength to accommodate all types of angling.

Shop Angling Sports Selection of Daiwa Products in Canada

Angling Sports offers a wide variety of Daiwa products to allow our customers to use its specialized line of products. We believe in the company’s ongoing commitment to innovation and quality manufacturing, making their product lines the right choice for our customers. Browse our selection of Daiwa reels, rods and gear today to find your next piece of equipment.