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What are Planer Boards?

Planer Boards are unique trolling devices used to spread out fishing lines while trolling from a moving boat. These boards plane to the side of the boat, pulling your lines away from the stern and prevent tangling, thus allowing anglers to cover a broader area of water with multiple lines at varying distances and depths. They also help in presenting the bait more naturally by keeping the fishing line away from the boat, which would prevent spooking fish in clear waters.

When Should You Use Planer Boards When Trolling?

Multiple Line Trolling:

  • Use planer boards when trolling with multiple lines to avoid tangles and ensure each line is fishing a different water area.

Fishing in Clear Waters:

  • In clear water where fish can be easily spooked by the sight of the boat, planer boards help by moving the lines away from the boat, allowing a stealthier approach.

Targeting Shallow Waters:

  • When fishing in shallow waters, planer boards provide the advantage of presenting the bait without disturbing the water much, ensuring the fish are not scared away.

Wide Coverage:

  • Planer boards are ideal when you want to cover a larger area effectively, increasing the chances of attracting fish to your bait.

Versatile Bait Presentation:

  • Use them to present your bait at various depths and distances from the boat, making it possible to target different fish species simultaneously.

Shop Planer Boards at Angling Sports

Planer Boards are a vital addition to your trolling gear, especially when aiming to cover a large area or when fishing in clear and shallow waters. By ensuring that your bait is presented naturally and discreetly, and allowing you to troll multiple lines effectively, planer boards significantly increase your chances of a successful catch. Shop Angling Sports’ selection of Planer Boards today.