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Who is G. Loomis?

G. Loomis is a premier manufacturer of a range of dependable rods, most notably conventional and fly rods. G. Loomis rods have earned a reputation for excellence among anglers due to the company’s emphasis on design and durability. Additionally, G. Loomis offers a line of apparel designed to meet the needs of anglers, such as providing added insulation for those early morning trips.

The company’s ongoing motivation is to design and manufacture equipment that expands your capabilities, effectiveness, and enhances your angling skills. G. Loomis was founded in 1982 and has continually re-invested in new technologies, innovations, and designs to improve the angling experience.

Is G. Loomis Right for You?

G. Loomis rods are high-end products in terms of quality and price. As a result, they’re well-suited for experienced anglers looking for the right gear to enhance their skills. Beginner anglers can certainly still opt for G Loomis, but a more budget-friendly rod might be better suited for just starting out.

Other G. Loomis products are great for anglers of all experience levels. The company’s headwear, long-sleeve shirts, and insulated jackets are designed specifically for anglers and will keep you dry and comfortable during any trip.

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We offer a range of G. Loomis rods to accommodate the diverse needs of fishing enthusiasts. The company’s rods are built with strong yet lightweight materials ready to handle whatever bites your bait. Angling Sports only offers products we believe in, and we’re proud to offer G. Loomis rods. Browse our selection today to find your next versatile or specialized fishing rod.