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What are Dipsy and Jet Divers?

When trolling, Dipsy Divers and Jet Divers are specialized pieces of equipment used to help anglers present their lures at deeper depths where fish might be holding. Understanding the characteristics of each can assist in making an informed decision on when and why to use them.

Dipsy Divers are circular devices that are attached to the fishing line and help in taking the bait down deeper and to the side of the boat.

When You Should Use Dipsy Divers:

Targeting Fish at Various Depths:

  • Dipsy Divers are adjustable, allowing you to target fish at different depths and distances from the boat.

Directional Trolling:

  • They can be set to troll your bait to port or starboard, allowing you to cover a wider swath of water and avoid tangles when using multiple lines.


  • Suitable for trolling in both freshwater and saltwater, and for a wide variety of species.

Jet Divers have a hydrodynamic design with an internal weight and an opening, letting water pass through, which forces the diver and subsequently the lure to dive when trolled.

When You Should Use Jet Divers:

Specific Depth Control:

  • Jet Divers are great for consistently reaching specific depths, as they dive in a more or less straight path downwards.


  • They are easier to use with fewer adjustments needed, making them suitable for beginners or more straightforward trolling setups.

Trolling in Shallow to Medium Depths:

  • Ideal for targeting fish holding in shallow to medium depths.

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Explore Angling Sports' extensive selection of Dipsy and Jet Divers and take your angling adventures to new depths. If you're planning a trolling excursion this year, Dipsy Divers are the go-to choice when you need more control over the depth and direction of your bait, and when targeting a wide range of depths and species. While Jet Divers are ideal for straightforward operations and consistent depth control, especially in shallower waters. Selecting between a Dipsy Diver and a Jet Diver depends on your specific fishing conditions, the depth at which the fish are holding, and your comfort level with making adjustments and settings on the equipment.