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What are Trolling Rods?

Trolling rods are specialized fishing rods designed specifically for trolling, a type of fishing where lines with baited hooks are dragged through water behind a boat. These rods are typically longer and more robust compared to other types of fishing rods, providing the necessary strength and flexibility to handle the pressure and weight of fish as they bite. Trolling rods are crafted to work with specific trolling reels and tackle setups, ensuring smooth and effective trolling experiences.

When Should You Use Trolling Rods?

During Trolling Fishing Expeditions:

  • It is essential to use trolling rods when trolling because these rods are designed to withstand the unique pressures and stresses associated with this fishing technique.

Targeting Larger Fish:

  • When aiming to catch larger, stronger fish like musky, walleye and trout, trolling rods are suitable as they provide the required strength and resilience to handle these big catches.

Fishing in Deep Waters:

  • Use trolling rods when fishing in deep waters where conventional rods may not provide adequate reach and durability.

When Using Downriggers or Outriggers:

  • Trolling rods are designed to work seamlessly with downriggers and outriggers, equipment used to optimize deep-water trolling.

Covering a Large Water Area:

  • If you want to cover a more extensive water area effectively, trolling rods allow for efficient line management and control during trolling.

Why Use Trolling Rods?


  • Trolling rods are built to be sturdy and durable, capable of withstanding the stress from large fish and long hours of trolling.

Compatibility with Trolling Equipment:

  • They are crafted to work in tandem with other trolling gear like downriggers, outriggers, and specific reels, ensuring seamless and efficient trolling operations.

Effective in Deep-Water Fishing:

  • Trolling rods provide the necessary reach and strength for efficient deep-water fishing, enhancing the chances of catching fish in deeper water bodies.

Enhanced Line Control:

  • With features like longer lengths and robust builds, trolling rods offer superior line control, allowing anglers to manage multiple lines effortlessly.

Shop Trolling Rods at Angling Sports

Trolling Fishing Rods are specifically designed to meet the demands and pressures of trolling, offering the strength, flexibility, and compatibility with other trolling gear, ensuring a successful fishing trip. When targeting large fish or venturing into deep waters, make sure to equip yourself with the best trolling rods from Angling Sports. Not sure which downrigging rod is right for you? Consult with one of our experts today and make sure you get the right setup for your next trolling trip.