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What Are Ice Fishing Augers?

Drilling through thick ice requires specialized tools, and ice fishing augers are up to the task. Powered by electricity or manual force, these drilling tools create holes in the ice with precision, allowing anglers to drop in their lines to fish or setup devices like tip-ups. Ice fishing augers come in various sizes and power options, catering to different ice thicknesses, drilling frequency and budget.

Which Type of Ice Fishing Auger Is Right for You?

Ice fishing augers are specialized tools used to drill holes through the ice, creating access points for anglers to reach the water below. These augers are a crucial piece of equipment for ice fishing and come in various designs, including:

  1. Hand Augers: These manually operated augers require anglers to turn a handle to cut through the ice. They are lightweight and portable, making them suitable for anglers who prefer simplicity and ease of transport.
  2. Electric Augers: Electric augers are powered by rechargeable batteries and offer a quieter and more environmentally friendly drilling option. They are convenient for anglers who prefer a less strenuous drilling experience.

Shop Angling Sports Selection of Ice Fishing Augers

Discover the convenience of ice fishing augers by exploring our range at Angling Sports. We offer a variety of augers with different power sources and sizes, ensuring you find the perfect match for your ice fishing needs. With a reliable ice fishing auger in hand, you can quickly and effortlessly prepare your fishing spots on the ice.