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What are Torpedo Divers?

Torpedo Divers are a type of trolling equipment designed to get your lures down to the depth where fish are holding, without adding extra line or using a downrigger. These diving devices are streamlined and efficient, allowing them to easily cut through the water and achieve desired depths without creating a lot of drag. They are generally attached to your fishing line and your lure is tied to the other end of the torpedo diver.

When Should You Use Torpedo Divers When Trolling?

Targeting Fish at Specific Depths:

  • Use Torpedo Divers when you need to get your lure to a precise depth where fish are holding, especially when the fish are deeper than your lure can reach on its own.

Fishing in Various Water Conditions:

  • Employ Torpedo Divers in both fresh and saltwater environments. They are effective in different water types and adaptable to varying trolling speeds.

When Trolling without a Downrigger:

  • Opt for Torpedo Divers when you do not have access to a downrigger or prefer not to use one. They provide an alternative method for deep-water trolling.

Enhancing Lure Action:

  • Use Torpedo Divers to improve the action of your lures. They provide a stable path through the water, allowing your lures to move more naturally and attractively.

Reducing Tackle Weight:

  • Choose Torpedo Divers to reduce the weight of your tackle and enhance your trolling experience. They are lightweight and effective for achieving depth without adding significant weight to your setup.

Shop Torpedo Divers at Angling Sports

Torpedo Divers are an invaluable tool for anglers looking to effectively troll lures at specific depths. Their ease of use, efficiency, and adaptability to various fishing conditions make them a must-have in your trolling tackle box. Shop different styles, lengths and weights of Torpedo Divers at Angling Sports.