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What are Spinning Reels?

Spinning reels are mounted at the rod's lower end and are designed with an open face along with a metal bail. This design helps prevent the line from nesting, unspooling, or tangling. Spinning reels are designed and manufactured, making them easy to use while giving enough control to experienced anglers.

Are Spinning Reels Right for You?

A spinning reel is well suited for both beginners and advanced anglers due to its versatility and ease of use. New anglers will be able to learn how to use a spinning reel faster than other specialized types of reels. 

However, spinning reels do have drawbacks to understand before purchasing. For example, spinning reels are not well suited for larger fish, like Musky and Pike. Additionally, they may struggle with heavier lures, which results in more tangles and fatigue during retrieve.

Beginners who choose spinning reels over other beginner-friendly options will still be able to use their reels as their skills improve. You won’t need to change reel types as you gain skill, instead improving your angling skills with every trip. Intermediate and advanced anglers often choose spinning reels as their go-to option when a specialized reel is not required.

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Angling Sports' range of spinning reels accommodates a variety of habitats, bait, and target species. Consider each option to find the perfect fit that will give you control over casting distance, speed, and drag based on your target habitat and species. Browse Angling Sports’ selection of spinning reels to upgrade your gear or find your first reel.