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What are Worm Harnesses?

A worm harness is a type of fishing rig that is extremely effective for catching walleye, and other fish, especially when trolling. It consists of one or more hooks attached to a leader, with colourful beads and spinner blades that provide flash and vibration in the water. A live worm or other bait is threaded onto the hooks, and the entire rig is towed behind a boat or cast from shore to attract fish.

When Should You Use Worm Harnesses When Trolling?

Targeting Walleye:

  • Use worm harnesses predominantly when trolling for walleye. The combination of live bait and artificial attraction makes it a deadly setup for these species.

Fishing in Murky Water:

  • Employ a worm harness in stained or murky water. The spinner blades create vibration and flash, helping fish locate the bait in conditions with limited visibility.

Summer and Early Fall Fishing:

  • Worm harnesses are particularly effective in the warmer months and early fall when walleye are active and feeding aggressively.

When Fish are Positioned Near the Bottom:

  • Use a worm harness when fish are holding near the bottom. The rig can be weighted to keep your bait in the strike zone.

Why Use Worm Harnesses?

Increased Attraction:

  • The colourful beads and spinning blades of a worm harness attract fish by emitting light and vibrations that mimic prey, making it easier for fish to locate and strike the bait.


  • Worm harnesses are versatile and can be used in various water bodies, including lakes, rivers, and reservoirs.

Effective with Live Bait:

  • The use of live bait on a worm harness enhances its effectiveness, providing both visual and scent attraction.

Target Multiple Species:

  • While primarily used for walleye, worm harnesses can also be effective for other fish species like bass and northern pike.

Shop Worm Harnesses at Angling Sports

Worm harnesses are an essential tool when trolling, especially for walleye, bass and northern pike. Their ability to attract fish through visual and vibrational cues, coupled with the use of live bait, make them highly effective in various water conditions and situations. Make sure to have an assortment of worm harnesses from Angling Sports in your tackle box to optimize your trolling efforts and increase your chances of landing a big catch.