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What are Flashers?

Flashers are a type of fishing gear used in trolling to attract fish. They are large, flat, rectangular pieces typically made of plastic or metal, and are designed to spin in the water, creating a flashing effect and vibrations. This movement mimics the visual and sensory signals of feeding fish, attracting predatory fish to your bait or lure.

When Should You Use Flashers When Trolling?

Targeting Predatory Fish:

  • Flashers are excellent for attracting predatory fish such as salmon and trout. The spinning and flashing motion simulates the look of smaller baitfish or other prey, luring in the larger fish.

Fishing in Deep or Murky Waters:

  • The flash and vibration from flashers can penetrate deeper waters or areas with low visibility, helping to draw fish towards your bait or lure.

Enhancing Lure Visibility:

  • When you want to increase the visibility and appeal of your lure, adding a flasher can make it more noticeable and attractive to fish.

Trolling at Various Speeds:

  • Flashers work effectively at a range of trolling speeds, offering versatility in different fishing conditions and targeting various species.

Shop Flashers at Angling Sports

Adding flashers into your trolling tackle box can significantly improve your fishing success by drawing more attention to your bait or lure, particularly in challenging water conditions. Ensure to use them when targeting predatory fish in deep or unclear waters, and experience an upgrade in your bait’s visibility and appeal. Equip yourself with the right flashers from Angling Sports and make every trolling expedition a success.