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Raid Battle Hog

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Size: 4.4"
Color: BH006. Green Pumpkin/Blue Flake
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High impact bait BATTLE HOG (Battle Hog) that captures around the cover and the bottom with basic rigs such as Texas rigs, rubber jig trailers, leaderless down shots, and free rigs.

The BATTLEHOG series common thick and unique vertical asymmetric design deformed vertical flat power arm vibrates at the time of fall and appeals to fish. The bending generated by the arm's own weight when landing on the bottom induces a bite.

In addition, when swimming, it strikes the water as if swinging down a hammer, strongly stimulating the fish eater. The Vassalo motion, which is similar to swinging a hammer down, is combined with the opening and closing motion to create a complex and three-dimensional arm motion that emits strong waves in the vertical and horizontal directions, attracting fish from a distance.


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