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Grumpy Goliath Goby 3.3"

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Color: Blue Crystal
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Grumpy Goliath Goby

The Goliath Goby represents Grumpy's latest goby imitation bait that not only looks like the real thing, but also tastes like the real thing!  Grumpy has spent months perfecting the anatomical design of the Goliath Goby to ensure an extremely life-like bait that fools even the most finicky of fish. With a large variety of color combinations and their new custom goby scent infused into the bait, the Goliath Goby is a great addition to your tackle arsenal. Goliath Goby is ideally suited for ned and drop shot rigging techniques when targeting smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, walleye, lake trout, lake whitefish, brown trout, and many more freshwater and saltwater species.

  • Anatomically correct, larger profile Round Goby bait design
  • Life-like head, body shape, dual-dorsal fin and large caudal fin designed to mimick Great Lakes gobies
  • High-durabilty plastic made to last, yet supple enough to create life-like body and fin movements
  • Multitude of colors available for a variety of conditions and species
  • Multi-technique bait including jigging, casting and retrieving, drop-shotting, ice fishing, etc
  • Loaded with our new signature Grumpy Goby Sauce!
  • Loaded with hand-ground, sea salt so fish hang on longer
  • 6 pieces per bag
  • Recommended Hook Size:  2/0, 3/0 hook of choice

How Picking the Right Style Bait Can Improve Your Odds of Catching Walleye

Walleye in the Detroit River are impressive top predators that must make split-second decisions as food races down the river, while also contending with dirty water conditions, which makes feeding even more challenging. Anglers face the challenge of determining the best bait style that aligns with the conditions and walleye feeding behavior. One of the critical factors to consider is bait profile, and Goby offers a great choice for walleye food sources, particularly in high flow environments.

Round goby have elongated bodies with large heads, bulging eyes, two dorsal fins, and a large vertically-aligned caudal fin, making them a big target relative to other slim baits like worms or flukes. The visual characteristics of goby have been imprinted in walleye throughout their lives, making it easier for them to recognize and catch gobies quickly. GRUMPY Bait Company's GOLIATH Goby offers a 40% increase in overall cross-sectional volumetric profile compared to worm or fluke style baits. Walleye tend to hug the bottom in fast-moving waters to conserve energy, which brings them closer to where goby are found. Since both goby and walleye naturally occupy the same space, goby is an easy and ideal bait choice.

Walleye feeding preferences in the Detroit River depend on several factors such as water clarity, temperature, wind speed and direction, cloud cover, and bait profile. However, goby is an excellent option due to its size, shape, and proximity to where walleye tend to feed. Thus, anglers looking to catch walleye in the Detroit River should consider using the Goliath Goby baits from the Grumpy Bait Company to improve their chances of a successful walleye catch.

Learn more about why you should use the Grumpy Goliath Goby to catch Walleye in the Great Lakes by reading our News & Events article.

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