By Gambler

Gambler 6" Burner Worm

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Length: 6"

Quantity: 9ct

The Gambler Burner Worm is designed with a large and easy to spot body and features a highly individualized tail shape. Because of these design features, the Gambler Burner Worm that creates active and natural movement that bass of all sizes will love.

The Gambler Burner Worm also features a hook pocket on the top and bottom that makes weedless rigging easy and convenient whether it’s used on a Texas-rig, Carolina-rig or weighted swimbait hook. Gambler also incorporated their always-effective BITE scent making the Gambler Burner Worm attract bass even whe out of their field of vision. 

A suggestion from Gambler is to positioning the Gambler Burner Worm with the tail pointed down for maximum water flow.  

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