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How To Buy Waders Online?

How To Buy Waders Online?

Waders – What to know before you buy online!

Waders are an essential for most anglers, especially on the river! Before purchasing waders, most anglers go into their local tackle shop to try them on or get fitted by their local angling specialists. This method has always been successful for those buying waders for the first time or buying a replacement pair to which they are set on their size and style.

Not all anglers have the luxury of being able to go in-store, due to: logistics, anxiety, covid related store closures, and convenience. In these situations, and more - buying waders online is the only solution.

Although the fit is very important there are a few things to consider when purchasing waders.

We carry brands such as Simms, Hodgeman, Frogg Tog, Aquaz, and Redington


Simms is a name that comes to mind when you think waders. They’ve perfected waders for every angler and created a quality that lasts. Anglers from all around agree Simms quality is something to splurge for, and the warranty they have behind their products prove they believe in the quality too. Made from breathable fabric Simms waders help you stay cool and warm if needed – depending on where you go and how you layer! Simms waders are designed for walking, climbing, and hiking to make sure you can comfortably get to where your honey hole is – no matter how deep in the river. Durability with Simms waders is unmatched – these were built to last with fabrics like Gore-Tex (model dependent) for water and precipitation resistance.


Hodgeman waders offer an affordable option under the Berkley umbrella. With a 1-year limited warranty these are a great way to get out on the water without breaking the bank!


Frogg Toggs are another great option for anglers who go out a few times a month. With options that are knee high, pant, and chest, they offer a value selection of waders of anglers just getting started!


Aquaz is an industry leader in construction of premium waders and more! They have been tested and proven under some of the toughest conditions and situations in the world, with over thirty years of experience and a strong customer service atmosphere they make great waders for anglers!


Redington waders are constructed with a multi-layer material that offers mobility, breathability, and durability, while wading or hiking for long-lasting performance. Redington waders are a great wading solution for the beginner and the seasoned pro!

Some questions to ask yourself before you buy waders:

How often will I use waders?

Knowing how much you will need/wear your waders is key when deciding what waders to purchase. If you plan on wearing your waders weekly, and going on multiple trips a year, you are going to want to go with a trusted brand with great quality like Simms. Simms waders are for the die-hard angler – the quality is unmatched. If you are going to be using your waders a few times a year, choosing a more affordable brand might be a better use of your funds!

Where are you going to be fishing with your waders?

Considering where is an important part of your purchase. Depending on the time of season, and location can determine material, or how waterproof you want your waders to be! If you’re in knee-high water, or going up to your waist this will be critical in what style waders you wish to purchase. Hip Waders vs Pant Waders vs Chest Waders can make a difference if you’re climbing rocks, going on long hikes, or travelling distances with your waders on! Hip Waders are great for those who are doing a lot of hiking and little wading.

Hip waders disadvantage is that you cannot really be in water higher than your knees.Pant Waders are becoming more popular for local waters – they fit like pants but not as warm as chest waders and unable to go into water higher than your waist. Chest Waders are for those dedicated to fishing, who get out a lot. If you are fishing deep, or cold water; chest waders is our best suggestion! They are a great option for hunting as well for warmth and versatility.

Material preference?

Wader materials depend on the manufacturers. Terms like ‘breathability’ are used to describe the thickness but still allowing durability. This would be most important for someone who is moving around a lot; especially on hot days. We love Simms Gore-Tex for this reason – and with Simms waders warranty and repair system, you can’t go wrong!

Other manufacturers use materials such as neoprene, rubber, and some kind of treated canvas. If warmth is a factor in your wader purchase decision

What is your budget?

Price can be a difficult factor for any angler. When it comes to waders; you get what you pay for. While we can only speak off our experiences and preferences our best advice when buying waders: buy the best pair of waders that fits your budget. There are plenty of options offering value for any angler’s budget. Consider this when buying your waders: It is not uncommon for Simms waders to last longer than a decade!

Wader Sizing

Wader sizing is the most important factor when purchasing your waders – online especially! Having the right size waders means comfortability for you, and ultimately longevity too.

When purchasing your new waders online you should first check with the manufacturer ‘s wader sizing charts. Simms has a lot of great resources for wader sizing. Knowing your measurements is vital when shopping online for waders. We suggest having someone assist you so your measurements are accurate! The most important measurements for Simms waders are:

  • your largest girth around in inches (chest, waist, or hips)
  • your inseam in inches (crotch to floor)
  • your shoe size

If you ever aren’t sure, or have questions – just give us a call! (519) 649-7429 during regular business hours, or feel free to email us at and we’ll be happy to assist you any way we can over the phone or online.

Check out Simms Wader Sizing Chart here!

Check out this Simms Video for further help on sizing!

Other things to think about...

Wading Boots:

We carry almost exclusively Simms wading boots, because once again you can’t beat the quality and passion Simms puts into their products. When buying wading boots online you want to always go bigger, round up whatever shoe size you have regularly. For example if you have size 10.5 feet in normal street shows – we’d recommend going up to at least a size 11 wading boot. If you plan to layer your footwear with multiple socks, thermal or wading socks included, we suggest going up to a size 12. The boot itself might feel a little large on but the warmth and circulation of your foot is more valuable.

Buying online can be overwhelming for anyone, but with a little time and patience we are confident that you can find exactly what you’re looking for – not just waders! To best suit your needs. Don’t be afraid to reach out when shopping online with us, we’re here to help you along the way!